First and foremost, design is behind the company’s success. In fact, our company is primarily composed of designers and engineers who recognize the need to work in accordance with an integrated approach. We rely on diverse contributions to ensure commercial success.
With regard to our projects, we carry out many different types of tasks that are briefly described below, and have a common objective: the commercial success of a product.



  • Market studies: In order to identify and assess competitive products, we examine statistical data for estimating the size of the potential market. We consult experts in the sales field for the target market. Focus groups made up of consumers are consulted to forecast market reactions.

  • Patent study: We assess the patent potential of all new products we develop. A patent ensures the exclusive marketing of the product. We also verify which concepts are currently patented and must not be violated, and those that are public property and hence, accessible to anyone, including the competition.

  • Development of product specifications: What are the product’s performance criteria? Here, we define the requirements with respect to production, assembly, installation and use of the product, as well as registration and certification requirements. It is necessary to ensure that the product’s assembly matches the processes available from our industrial partners.

  • Preparation of the development, production and marketing schedule: It is critical to respect the project schedule. The delivery deadlines for a new product must be competitive, and the corrections made during production must be minimal. These are the key factors that underlie the investment’s profitability.


  • Technical design and development of the product: The product’s compliance to the features sought by the consumer is fundamental. The same is true with regard to the product’s being adapted to all conditions and requirements relating to equipment, production, storage, shipping and certification.

  • Simulation and modeling: Recent technological tools allow us to partially simulate several of a product’s properties. Using visual or virtual simulations, we can anticipate and evaluate a product’s visual aspect, technical performance and profitability.

  • Production of visual or operational mock-ups, and prototypes: Three-dimensional partial or complete simulations allow us to measure emotions and technical performances, and to resolve specific problems.

  • Evaluation and qualification of materials and sub-contractors: We select materials and processes that are most appropriate for manufacturing the product. We forge partnerships with suppliers to guarantee an adequate supply within the desired timeframe.

  • Execution of technical tests: We verify the performance of the product and its conformity to registration and certification standards applicable to the targeted market.
  • Cost analysis and alternative production solutions: We evaluate the return time on our investment according to different production volume scenarios and different production methods.

  • Drafting of calls for tenders and sub-contracting agreements: We ensure that the products we receive will conform to our specifications, and that critical schedules will be respected.

  • Development of methods and procedures: A new product sometimes requires a production company to modify or restructure its operations. The assembly methods and work stations are normally the elements most affected. We develop the new methods and procedures that are required.

  • Development of quality and conformity standards: In order to reduce waste, we oversee the quality of supplies and the critical transformation steps in the product’s production process. More especially, we spare no effort to prevent returns!

  • Pre-production: The ultimate step during which all simulations and modeling operations become reality. We test all production steps and fully optimize the manufacturing process.


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